M.anifest Ditched out Acoustic Sunday 1.2 in Grand Style

Riding off the the maiden and quintessential EDITION in February ’17, the SingitDamnit Music Group spearheaded by M.anifest the godMc transpired another Acoustic Sunday show for Manifans and aficionados of good music.
Similar to the first edition, version 1.2 was also split in to divides;
The first being an extensive verbal inter course between M.anifest and the core Manifans.
First of, Manifans used the opportunity to thank M.anifest for listening to their suggestion to field his works for this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and also congratulated him for winning.

The interaction lasted nearly two hours during which M.anifest obtained suggestions on what artistes he should collaborate with how regular the Acoustic Sunday show should be etc.
Also tabled for discussion was international collaborations that really got real heads bumping and visuals of the rest of the songs on the NoWhere Cool album.
The dapper rapper brought the dilation to an inevitable terminus ad quem, fully appreciative of the ‘proper vim’ and ending it with words that greatly resonates with the discussants; “with collective efforts, by the time next year comes around, we ain’t going to be part of the conversation but will be the only conversation”
The show immediately dovetailed into the exhilarating segment where fans were thrilled to random songs from all five albums from the godMc.
Rocking the stage along side MDot were Six Strings, Radical and Worlasi.

Dubbed Easter Edition, Acoustic Sunday 1.2 was a fully packed end to end exhilarating action from the get go till the end of the show.
Also present were some notable celebrities including seasoned TV show host, Dzifa of Metro TV, screen goddess Yvonne Okoro and Stefania Manfreda, the CEO of Lokko 08 Store amongst others.
Meanwhile, exactly week ago, the designated Ghanaian best rapper and Africa’s Foremost rapper, M.anifesr was crowned once again at the AICC as the best rapper of the Year and also exhilarated patrons & fans to a never seen before electrifying performance.

M.anifest expressed gratitude to all those who came through and to those who by some reasons couldn’t make it. He added that, “we will connect the dot better times since Acoustic Sunday is going to be regular occurrence”.

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