Preparation Process Of Tubaani

• 800g bean flour
• 6500 ml water


• Mix water with bean flour and beat in circular motion until
mixture is fluffy
• Wash leaves (people usually use Thaumatococcus daniellii leaf
or banana leaf or corn husk) and wrap a small portion of the
mixture in each
• Boil water on a separate fire


• Put (enough) water on fire and cover
• Place some of the (empty) leaves in the sauce pan to form a
base and then again on top to cover the water
• Put the wrapped mixture on the leaves in the boiling water,
cover and steam for about 2 hours
• Occasionally add hot/boiling water, pouring around the sides
of the saucepan to prevent burning
• Continue to steam until cooked
• Take off fire, unwrap and slice
• Serve hot with tomato sauce or spiced groundnut powder
and vegetable oil (200 ml oil fried with 50 g onion and half a
teaspoon powdered hot pepper)


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