By Gloria Agyeman Prempeh
The founder and leader of the United Front Party, Dr.Agyenim Boateng who is popularly known as Gyataba has revealed that, they are expecting over 2500 delegates across the country in their maiden congress slated for 3rd September, 2016.
According to him, the UFP is ready with their parliamentary candidates across Ghana and are ready to contest the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.
Dr. Agyenim Boateng giving accounts of the party, stated that, the party internally is unified with it’s members and under no way would Ghanaians  reject them coming December polls. Adding that, electorates are the deciders of who wins an election despite the many followers one may have.
UFP’s founder and leader said governance is about fulfilling the promises made to the people since they voted for you to rule them and he who is given much, much is expected from him.
In an exclusive interview with the New Crusading Guide newspaper,Dr.Agyenim Boateng who is expected to lead the party in December 2016 elections when he is given the nod hinted that, the EC Law that qualified a political party to contest a general election has been fulfilled and the UFP will bring smiles to Ghanaians when voted into power.
He said Ghana is endowed with many rich resources that can be used to salvage the hardship Ghanaians are going through and yet Ghanaians are suffering under the current government and that if Ghanaians vote massively for the UFP to lead this country, things will change.
UFP according to him, has better policies that Ghanaians will love if voted into power because, the challenges the youth of this country are going through is embarrassing and the UFP will run policies that will create more opportunities and doors to promote growth and stability in the country.
“I love Ghana and under no circumstance under my presidency will I allow my fellow country men and women to suffer as a president’’, Dr.Agyenim Boateng pledges.
“I will be a president for all, a father for all and will work very hard to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana because a government who want to succeed in it administration will include all parties in his government, he added.
He called for unity to remain in UFP and urged the good people of Ghana to vote and reject NPP and NDC because they have failed Ghanaians.

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