Poem: The Time is Now


It is dark
It is cold 
It is black 
It is blur

Darkness is Satan’s comfort 
Cold is the enemy’s weapon of attack 
Black is the witches’ air-conditioners 
Blue is demons ark

None of the above is good 
None of the above doesn’t deserve you
None of the above is not your portion
All are empty caskets in the grave yard.

The shining light is the boring game
The light for the day is the night for the night
The honey for good taste is the bitter of ‘sawaka’ soup
The saving power is the laughing stock

Obedience is rewarded 
Mockers are weeping 
Broad gate attendants are regretting 
The ignorant has no chance 
The intelligent of big eyes left it behind

No hiding abode 
No more chance 
No more salvation 
The door is shut
No more opening

He is coming 
Not like before 
This time as angry lion 
Coming with anger 
The just is saved 
The meek is comforted 
The wicked is punished 
Lake of fire is the wicked abode

The time is now 
The hour is now 
The short time is now 
The thin hour is now 
Salvation is knocking 
JESUS is knocking

Written by Pastor John Wundengba 
All right reserved

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