Bawku ethnic groups to smoke peace pipe in April

The Bawku Inter-ethnic Peace Committee in the Upper East Region has set April 2019 to settle the differences between all ethnic groups to signify an end to the protracted ethnic conflict in the area.
The 22-member committee comprising persons from all ethnic groups in the Bawku traditional area was constituted in 2009 to resolve Bawku ethnic conflict.
The conflict which started several years ago has claimed human lives and displaced many others.
Speaking to Citi News at this year’s Danjuar festival in Tempane, Mr.Patrick Adakudugu, Secretary to the Bawku Naba, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, said, all is set for the “Burial of the Okro stick” to end the Bawku ethnic conflict.

“With the Bawku ethnic conflict, blood was lost, so we had a blood cleansing exercise that is where every life lost as a result of the ethnic conflict in some Twenty-five communities was cleansed. We have gotten all stakeholders concern to the peace of Bawku and then we will meet at the proposed Bawku community centre for the final blood collection”.
“On that day there will be the “Burial of the Okro Stick” and when this is done, nobody has the moral right to unearth the conflict that erupted several years ago and when you do that, it is our belief that you will incur the wrath of the gods and the gods will punish you. We are doing this with all the ethnic groups in the Bawku traditional area.”

“It will be a ceremony where both Christians and Muslims will read relevant portions of the Bible and Quran to emphasize that the conflict is over and that we shall live in peace, inter-marry, attend each other’s festivals and funerals”.
Mr. Adakudugu who is also a member of the inter-ethnic peace committee was optimistic that the ceremony will take Bawku back to the days of peace and development.
He also urged residents and indigence of the area who fled as a result of the protracted conflict to return and invest in the area.
The committee commended past and present governments for their unflinching support.
The Bawku inter-ethnic peace committee indicated that the burial of the “Okro Stick” is to end ethnic conflict in the area and not chieftaincy dispute since the committee has no such powers.
Citi News has gathered that the 27th of April 2019 is most likely scheduled for the ceremony.

By: Frederick Awuni | | Ghana

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