You Know Too Well That The Ordinary Ghanaian… Some Of Them Work Far Better Than You Are Doing. – Agumah Sebastian Mbabugri Writes.

My name is Agumah Sebastian Mbabugri a Ghanaian citizens. A.K.A CitizenGumah.

Parliament seems to drifting our attention to the allowances of the presidential spouses and yet forgetting to put light on the weak and failing system they have designed for the management of this nation.

They (Parliament of Ghana] ) are the highest decision making body, the designers of the system and the models employed by government.

Today, kindly let us also talk about the car loan facility being granted to Hon. MPs of the national house of delegation, that the government of Ghana is absorbing 60%.

You ( Parliament of Ghana] ) know too well that the ordinary Ghanaian works just as you are also working for Ghana, in fact some of them work far better than you are doing.
They work several hours, days, months and years and yet their pension entitlement is nothing to write home about.
But you guys work for only four years and take home huge sums of state money as ex-gratia, some have taken this ex-gratia since the beginning of the fourth republic (1992)

The worker has to service his own loan, when he needs to buy car. Some even go in for loan to pay their children school fees and some very important things.

Why can’t you guys do the same?
Why should we absorb 60% of the loan for you?
Why are you state officials self seeking?

Ghanaians will usually queue even on sunny days and some under rains to register to vote, they proceed to queue in order to check if their voting IDs have been validated and finally they queue to cast their votes that give you guys the job, you are enjoying.

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Sadly at the end, what seems to be of importance to you guys and other elected and appointed officials of this country is take from the state for your own selfish and greedy interests.

Your communities and the citizenry who queued to give you jobs are still there in the same condition they have been, nothing have changed for the ordinary citizens and it is as a result of the system you guys, (Parliament) our “misleaders” have designed for the us to be governed by.

You guys have to wake up.
If this country must develop and flourish then, Parliament must be proactive, they must be on top of the game.

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