Uncompleted Dachio Dam Will Be Worked On Despite Captured As Completed Project – Bolga East DCE Assures Residents

The District Chief Executive for Bolgatanga East in the Upper East Region, Rev. Emmanuel Abugre Abole has assured Dachio residents that their dam will be worked on despite it being captured by the government under its infrastructure delivery tracker as a completed project.

Mr. Abole though failed to give reasons as to why the dam was captured as a completed project said, contacts have been made to the contractor and the assurances were that he will come back to work on it.

The District Chief Executive spoke to A1 Radio after the residents of Dachio raised concerns of shoddy work executed by the government and vowed not to allow any politician to campaign in the community.

According to the residents, it baffled their imagination when they heard the news that their dam was part of the numerous dams been captured as completed projects in the Upper East Region.

A resident said “I can’t even think far, how can you capture something that we are crying of as a complete project. This dam since its construction brought a lot of agitations and no government official came here to rescue us. As I’m speaking to you now, the dam spillway has been directed to a road and has made movement in and out of the community difficult. This government is not serious and should wake up or else we will advise ourselves.”

Another resident added that the embankment and that of the spillway were their major challenges as any time it rains heavily their crops and households usually get flooded.

“We cry a lot about this dam but it seems leaders are only doing what is good for them and not the people who elected them. How can you construct something to serve our plight and in the end, the thing is rather causing havoc to our lives?”

The Chief of the Community, Naba Thomas Adongo Akaliga II, in an angry mood said if the dam was like a book, he would have called the government to come and take it away as it was not serving the intended purpose.

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“The dam is not serving the purpose of its creation, just look at this road leading to my house; when it rains no one can pass through it again. And do you know why because the contractor who constructed this dam directed the spillway towards the road and now the road is a river?

They {government officials} are lucky that this dam is not a book if not, I would have called them to come and take it away.”

He however called on the government to as a matter of urgency come to their aid as the dam undeserving its purposes.


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