Tumu Police on the Hunt for Notorious Robbers within The Sissala Districts

Three suspected robbers names withheld are currently with the Tumu Police after separate arrest and now awaiting to to be sent to Wa for further investigation, ASP Abanga has told the Media in Tumu Wednesday afternoon.

“We have received a number of items from them and they includes 16 android smart phones, One IPad, One laptop, a sum of GH2,263.00, 8,000CFA and Sums  of Chinese currency notes(in ten denominations).
We are collaborating with our counterparts in Lawra and Jirapa to get the victims interviewed as our sources say three more of the robbers are at large.
The first group was arrested within Tumu area with two accomplices identified and now on the run, they have abandoned their places of abode”.
The second group the commander said operated yesterday between Jirapa and Hamile “They carried out an operation  between Jirapa and Hamile and were bringing the booty to Tumu where we arrested them” ASP Abanga said.
One member of the first group who was arrested in Tumu few days ago says the rest are of Fulani descent and the Police promised to get them.
For the past one to two months,the area has witnessed upsurge in armed robbery and this according to the Police led to restrategising their ways .“ we have been trailing some armed robbers who have been operating and terrorizing residents in the Sissala East Municipality and fortunately This morning we trailed them from the Jirapa area till they got to Tumu before we arrested them.
At the moment we have arrested two and waiting to arrest the others so we are keeping their names anonymous(we would reserve their names) until we track down the rest through collaboration with our colleagues in Lawra and Jirapa but at the moment we are keeping them in our custody,
We want the public to support us with information as the police works with intelligent information
You live in the house with people who don’t work yet live sophisticated lifestyles,you need to tell the Police about their lifestyles so we can effect arrest of such persons so the Police needs your support.
We would investigate and possibly hand them over to the regional CID for further investigation”.  the Police Commander said.
By: Balu Mohammed
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