Pele Abuga Tumbakura – Chiana-Paga


Name: Hon. Pele Abuga Tumbakura

Constituency: Chiana-Paga

Hometown: Paga, Upper East Region

Marital Status:  Married

Party: National Democratic Congress (Majority)

Religion:              Eckankar

Date of Birth:     3rd March 1960

Profession:         Management and Tax Administrator

Education:          University of Ghana, MDM, Development Management (1981-1985)

University of Ghana, B. A. Hons. Sociology (1997-1999)

Committees:     Committee of Privileges

Committee on Government Assurances

Education Youth, Sports and Culture


Employment:    I.R.S. Inspector of Taxes (1988-1996) Parliament of Ghana, M.P. (1996-2008) National Youth Employment, Executive Director (2009-2012)

Vote Obtained: 21,552 vote out of the 33,947 valid vote cast=63.49%.


Alowe Leo Kabah (NPP)                  7,246           21.35%,

Francis NiagiaSantuah (PNC)           4,705            13.86%

AloahAdoaMuniru (PPP)                  323              0.95% 

Desmond Ayirevire (CPP)               121             0.36%


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