Meet Erasung Hadija, CEO Of Myda Food

Myda foods is a food company run by a young mother of three by name Erasung Hadija.
She is a young entrepreneur who has grown over the years.

She started her business with three products; Morin Cart, B-soya and Super Mix been.

Morin-cart however kick starts the myda foods story of how her first born baby by name Sungyeurang Zainab who refused to breastfeed and as a mother who couldn’t stand seeing her girl go hungry sort for alternatives and finally improvised this nourishing cereal which is enjoyed by both young and old.

Considering how tiring and burdensome  motherhood can be, she still has been able to turn this into a personal business.

Myda foods has added five more to the already existing three products making eight. A nourishing product and proudly made in Ghana.

Myda foods currently has about 14 different Koko products which can be found in almost every region in Ghana and just a call gets product delivered no matter the location.

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