Hide Your Witchcraft Else- Yagbonwura Warns Alleged Damongo Witch

The King and Overlord of Gonja Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) has warned an alleged witch who threatened to kill a young man in Damongo.
The Linguist of the Yagbonwura Alhaji Afuli Losina speaking at the Jakpa Palace in Damongo on behalf of the Yagbonwura said the area the alleged witch stays (Zongo) is the headquarters for witches in Damongo hence she should also hide her witchcraft like the others in the area have done.
The middle aged woman whose name was given as Mma Sala is alleged to have gone into the room of a young man known as Alsalam between the hours of 1:00am to 2:00am only to meet the young man busily reading his Qur’an.
The young man in a narration to the Yagbonwura and his sub- chiefs last Friday afternoon witnessed by hundreds of people from all walks of life in Damongo when the matter was brought to the Jakpa Palace, said Mma Sala told him physically in his room that she has finished him in the spiritual world awaiting to also kill two of his friends.
Alsalam said he raised an alarm which woke many people in the vicinity.
The woman during interrogation by the Chiefs in the palace did not deny visiting the young man but gave an excuse that she went there to sound a word of caution to the young man who always spits anytime he and his colleagues sees her.
She further admitted having issues with them and threatening the young man at that ungodly hour.
Alhaji Afuli Losina cautioned Mma Sala on behalf of the Yagbonwura.
Alhaji Afuli said Mma Sala came to meet other witches at Zongo, a suburb of Damongo where he described as the headquarters of witches and wizards.
Alhaji Afuli further appealed to her to use her witchcraft to develop the newly created Savannah Region since killing with spiritual powers is a thing of the past.
He said if the Savannah Region is too big for her to develop, she should use the powers to develop Damongo since the Yagbonwura is opened to investors.
Mma Sala according to Alhaji Afuli must always copy the lives of her colleagues instead of showcasing her witchcraft.
He advised the woman to make sure non of the victims she has been accused of trying to kill suffers from even malaria else she will be held accountable.
He also said the Corona Virus and other dangerous diseases are gradually crippling into Ghana of which Damongo is not exempted.
The woman should make sure non of the guys gets affected with any of the diseases and should make sure she dumps her powers and concentrate on her marriage since witchcraft is outmoded now but was quick to remind her that the next time her matter comes to the palace, she will be sent to Sonyo where witches are tamed.
Many of the youth present were agitating that she should be banished from the area but Alhaji Afuli pleaded with them to give the woman a second chance since she is married to someone in the area.
Many people at the palace gave series of the actions of the woman in the area with the latest before her threat to kill three young men is the the pouring of hot water on one Zenabu Jafowurche.
Source: Zion Abdul- Rauf

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