GRA to be tough on Commercial Vehicles without valid quarterly tax stamp

Office Manager of Domestic Tax Revenue Division under the Ghana Revenue Authority, Mark-Donald Pwawari, has warned commercial vehicle operators without the valid quarterly tax stamp to either get registered soon or stop operating in the Bolgatanga Municipality in the Upper East Region.

Speaking exclusively on Reporters’ Visit on A1 Radio in Bolgatanga, Mr. Pwawari said per the tax revenue law, it is mandatory for every commercial vehicle owner/driver to pay a quarterly tax within 15 days of every quarter, yet most commercial drivers are not complying with the law.

“… every commercial driver knows that it is his duties to pay a quarterly tax within 15 days of every quarter. Again a commercial driver knows that if he fails to honor the law, it can be used against him in various means. One could be that the vehicle will not be allowed for commercial purposes. Also the driver can get arrested for not following the Tax law.  All what I want commercial drivers to know is that, they should respect our laws or else. ” He warned.

Indeed, it’s not only commercial vehicles that are in trouble, but some landlords/ladies as well. Mr. Pwawari explained that some landlords/ladies for some years now have stopped paying their rent taxes which call for worry, but with the assurance that this year, not a single Landlord/lady will go without paying.

“For the nation to develop, people ought to do the right thing by adhering to some of the laws that help in national development. Tax laws, are such that people of all walks of life ought to obey through paying their taxes. Some Landlords/ladies for some time now have stopped paying rent tax for some unknown reasons to our domestic tax mobilization unit. What I want to say is, this year; they ought to pay their rent taxes and we will make sure they do so by force and by pressure.” He said.

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The Manager is of the view that the office could not meet its last year national target collection owning to some taxpayers’ negligence to pay their taxes on time, therefore, 2019 is young and the office aims at achieving its target collection if presented.

Source: | Moses Apiah | Ghana



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