Election 2016: 10 things PPP promises in their Manifesto

The Progressive People’s Party launched its manifesto on July 16. The 24-page document can be broken down into 10 points.
Below are the points in the party’s manifesto that they promise to fulfil when elected into power.
1.Give Power to the people for development.
The PPP explained that it will make decentralization more effective. Ghana cannot grow if it continues to enjoy “an elected dictatorship”. The party in its manifesto says they “will work to change portions of the Constitution to enable the election of all District Assembly Members and District/Municipal/Metropolitan Chief Executives to ensure local accountability, elimination of corruption and rapid development.”
2. Strengthen Parliament to perform its legislative duties effectively
The PPP in its manifesto promises to remove portions of the constitutional provisions that allows Members of Parliament to also serve as Ministers of State. “Concurrent with this objective will be a solid determination to give Parliament the facilities and resources needed to pass good laws and scrutinise the proposals submitted by the Executive effectively.”
“A PPP Administration will reduce the number of ministers of state to 40 and will rely on professional civil and local servants to ensure efficient administration,” the manifesto added.
3. Provide better health care and cleaner environment
The PPP promises a cleaner and healthy environment. In their manifesto, they said they will provide emergency care throughout the country to save lives. Health education will be key in a PPP government. “Public Health Nursing and Town Council functions will be back on the local government development agenda as we go for comprehensive decentralisation.”
4. Attack crime and drug trade and corruption
In a country where the rate of crime keeps rising, the PPP promises to “attack crime, the drug trade and corruption aggressively using leadership by example, being modest in government, passing and implementing the Right to Information Bill and ensuring an Independent Prosecutor’s Office exists separate from the Ministry of Justice.” They promise to do this by strengthening agencies responsible for fighting crime in the society.
5. Create a just and disciplined society
In ten years the PPP expects to use science and technology to create a disciplined society. “This just society will ensure the implementation of existing laws intended to make life profitable for every Ghanaian including persons living with disability.” The National Identification Card system will be reintroduced to help in the use of database “to fight crime, facilitate housing and planning, effective election management systems, licenses and permits etc.”
6. Improve the performance of government
The party believes that if it holds every government official accountable for their actions it will help improve governance in the country. They also promise to perform better than previous governments if they emerge winners of the December polls.
7. Provide quality education for every Ghanaian child
The PPP promises to provide quality education for every Ghanaian child. They promise to provide every facility needed to ensure higher standard of education. They also said they will deploy “Education Police” to enforce the compulsory aspect of our policy.
8. Provide energy for industrialisation and rapid development
The key objective for the PPP in this sector is to bring solutions that meet domestic needs for industry and domestic use and make Ghana a net exporter of power again in four years. “To enable us to achieve this objective, we will provide tax incentives to enable development of alternative sources of fuel and power – biofuels and solar,” the party added.
9.Empower the diaspora
Should they emerge winners after December 7, the PPP promises to establish a Secretariat “to cater for the needs of Ghanaians abroad and the African diaspora by June 30th, 2017.” They also promise to provide a support system to boost re-entry, investment, safe and healthy vacations and transfer of knowledge and technology. “We will ensure full citizenship rights to Ghanaians living abroad so that they can vote and serve in public sector positions.”
10. Create jobs
The PPP even before it launched its manifesto always said they will provide jobs for Ghanaians when voted in power. In their manifesto, they state that there would be no discrimination when jobs are being offered. “We will provide jobs to go round every Ghanaian in every region simultaneously.”

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