A.A Country Side Hotel boosts tourism efforts in Paga    

A few entrepreneurs, including indigenes from the Kassena-Nankana West District in the Upper East Region of Ghana, have endeavoured to invest in the district but that one citizen, who has made a huge and tremendous investment statement in the district’s capital Paga, is the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the A.A Country Side Hotel, Mr. Allan L. Ayiatey.

A.A Country Side Hotel is a modern magnificent 14-Room hotel building, strategically sited on your entry into Paga from Navrongo just about a minute-and-half [2-Mins.] drive from the Paga Police Station making a branch on your right. Meanwhile, guests entering Ghana from Burkina Faso through the Paga border, can easily locate the hotel after driving past the Paga Pio’s beautiful palace in about three-to-four [4-Mins.] and taking a left turn just on the directional sign post.

A View of The Hotel

In a refreshing chat with the hotel’s CEO Mr. Allan on Wednesday February 13, 2019 at the hotel’s very welcoming premises, he said while serving in Ghana’s army some decades ago, he always nursed the idea of returning home to invest and by extension, create jobs for his compatriots. He said in this direction, putting up the hotel became paramount among other ideas and so, after acquiring the plot of land and never looking back, the famous hotel christened as the A.A Country Hotel Side Hotel was officially opened to the public in February, 2016.

A Look AT The Rooms

According to Mr. Allan, some close friends and other people he consulted, advised him against undertaking such a venture in the north of Ghana and even farther up in Paga arguing that, he would not recoup his capital among other reasons. But being a man of his word and one who trusts his instincts, he defied the odds and today, A.A Country Side Hotel has no doubt boosted the efforts of promoting tourism in the Kassena-Nankana West District by hosting countless numbers of both Ghanaian and foreign guests.

Many of these guests he added, have heard and read about the tourist attractions in the area such as the Paga Crocodile ponds, the Pikoro Slave Camp among other sites and they keep trooping to the district to have a personal feel of these sites and as well, have taste of “our local Kassena delicacies such as Pέla, Kwosey [beans cake and beans fry respectively], Mum Na [millet flour water] and Maasa [millet cake] among many others.

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A Glance at The Rooms

Mr. Allan remarked with joy and satisfaction that, when majority of these visitors and tourists come into the area, the A.A Country Side Hotel has always been their choice hotel as their comfort, and other domestic needs were always met and satisfied at his hotel. He stated that Ghana Tourism Authority staff had visited the hotel over time and that, the hotel’s facilities have been up to the billing as he ensured that acceptable standards were met from construction to operationalisation of the facility.

He also disclosed he was currently executing an additional project as an Annex which will comprise a standard swimming pool and self-contained apartments for guests who call in with specialised lodging needs. He added that pool parties and other events could be hosted at the Annex while at the moment; the main hotel has a set of professional sounds that provide music and excellent public address services for any occasion including wedding, naming and funeral receptions as well as any other social gathering.

Guest Rooms

On a guided tour later on, I found out the hotel has spacious air-conditioned rooms with an option to use a ceiling fan if one chooses, large exquisite beds, each room connected to multi TV decoders and equipped with modern bath tabs, visitor’s sofa and a study desk among others. Also available, is a spacious conference hall with public address system perfect for workshops and training programmes. The hotel has a car parking bay, its razor-wire fenced and has CCTV cameras installed as a security back-up.

If you ask me, I cannot personally choose any other hotel in the Kassena-Nankana West District as a first choice as far as the A.A Country Side Hotel remains operational.

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BY PETER ATOGEWE WEDAM                               






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