Your best C.V. is your byline — Manesseh Azure Awuni

Manasseh Azure Awuni, a Journalist with the Multimedia Group Limited has urged students at the Tertiary Institutions to engage in numerous academic activities such as writing while in school since it is a plus to the C.V. when seeking for a job.
According to him, inculcating the habit of writing every moment could help change the world in a positive way. Not just that, it increases one’s chances of getting a job through the byline, which happens to sell a lot.
He made these remarks while speaking to [some] students at the Ghana Institute of Journalism during its S.R.C. Week Celebration on the theme “From classroom to career, what the handouts won’t tell you.”
Manesseh further reiterated the idea of students reading a lot of books for extra knowledge and understanding which will aid them write more for publication since there are many platforms nowadays to publish these stories.
Moreover, students who write must have a strong a command with their content and language, less, they are bound to lose their followers.
He added that, the ‘many technical words’ inscribed in a Curriculum Vitae doesn’t matter but acquiring a professional experience from it counts, hence, the need for students to start something valuable before completion.
He also advised students to be careful not to dent their recognition and integrity as communicators by selling off their conscience to anyone, because those who are fond of doing that always suffer at the end of the day.
“The quality of your character is more important than the highest qualification you can ever acquire.”
Manesseh Azure ended his conversation with these students by encouraging them to make good use of opportunities as well as partaking in extra curricular activities on Campus, since it is very significant to achieving greatness in life.
The session which took place at the Ghana Institute of Journalism on Monday, February 19, 2018 saw other great speakers such as Umaru Sanda Amadu and Dr. Zanetor Rawlings who took part in enlightening students on subject of discussion.
Source: Nambe Patrick, Accra.

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