You can't denigrate Tongraan with lies – Talensi Royals tell "Concerned Citizens"

The youth of Tong Nayire (Royals of the Talensi Royal Skin) in the Talensi District, wants the public to disregard the Concerned Citizens of Talensi because they have never been concerned about the development of Talensi nor peace in the area.

According the young royals the leadership of the group calling itself Concerned Citizens of Talensi” are self seeking individuals who are only inciting the people of Talensi so as to divide them and use them to achieve their personal agenda.

The Concerned Citizens of Talensi for sometime have been very loud and making allegations against the Paramount Chief of the area, Tongraan Naab Kugbilsong Nanlebegtang and recently called on him to resign from Tema Oil Refinery and the Council of State.

The youth of Tong Nayire at a press conference at Tongo said leaders of the Concerned Citizens deliberately decided to drag the image and good name of Tongraan into disrepute and them to apologize to the Talensi Traditional Council and its President, Tongraan, Naab Kugbilsong Nanlebegtang for their unfortunate comments.

“We the youth of Tong Nayire following the current happenings in Talengteng and deeply pricked by the pronouncements of some persons and groups, have decided to make our voices heard. As heirs to the skins of Tong Nayire and courteous young men, we chose not to rush to speak.

Civil as we are, we gave time so that these so called Concerned Citizens of Talensi who spoke as though they did not think, could think over it and possibly withdraw their insults. This has not happened.” They said.

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The young royals have assures the Tongraan of their support towards the development of the area and also to protect the good name and image of Talengteng (Talensi Traditional Area) and its people.

The young royals said the Concerned Citizens are mistaking the Tongraan for appointees that are appointed to fill spaces and also in fulfilment of a favour promised them, adding that, this perception is unfortunate, especially when it is being propagated by people from the area.

“The Tongraan is the occupant of the revered skins of Musuor. Every Tongraan is a successor of Musuor and so he is always chosen from the true lineage of Musuor. The Tongraan is usually enskinned after thorough consultations and due diligence are done on all the contestants from Tong Nayire to ascertain the eligibility and capability of each person.

After the enskinment, the Tongraan does not just travel straight back home from Nalerigu to Tongo. He is usually taken through various rites at vantage points. Some of these rites and route bring the Tongraan into contact with various Tindanam for them to give their blessings to him and co-exist with him cordially. Continuously in the course of his reign, this cordiality is consolidated by their collective participation in both the Golob (specifically Golob Naara) and the Daa festivals.

The current Tongraan is the 34th occupant of the revered skins of our ancestor Musuor. It is worth recalling that he honourably resigned as a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Ghana, to take up the responsibility of the Paramount Chief of the Talensi Traditional area. It is a rare occurrence as we can all attest to the effort and sacrifices required to make, in order to go into the Parliament of Ghana. Therefore, for Kugbilsong Nanlebegtang to have resigned from the house to take up the skins shows how esteemed our skins are.

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As for the personality and achievements of the Tongraan even before he ascended to the skins of Musuor, we need not say much since that is public knowledge. He is an accomplished Safety Engineer of international repute with over 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector. This among others made the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to identify him as suitable for the position of Board Chairman of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

He was also elected as the Upper East Representative of the Council of State based on his accomplished career as a traditional ruler and public servant. Aside his professional experience, he has fought for social justice as a Labour Unionist not only within the borders of Ghana but beyond.

We are giving this background to let the public be informed that a Tongraan is not just chosen out of the blue as may be the perception of some people.” The royals noted.

Below is the full statement by the Youth of Tong Nayira presented at the press conference at Tongo in the Talensi District in the Upper East Region.


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