“We are not dangerous to society, stop judging us wrongly”-Persons with dread-locked hair

Man with dread-locked hair style

The general perception about people with dread-locked hair as being dangerous and violent still persists, despite the fact that many of them are living decent lives and the dread-locked hair style has become the preferred hair style for many Ghanaian women.

This perception by a large section of the public and the accompanying “false” stories about people with dread-locked hair, sometimes cause fear and panic among little children anytime they see them.

But when A1 Radio engages some people with dread-locked hair in the Bolgatanga Municipality, they debunk the misconceptions that the public has against them and are calling for general inclusion, as their existence is as important as those without dread-locked hair style.

In view of that they opined that their way of life is as a result of purity and holiness before their maker and wants people to stop judging them wrongly based on their physical appearance.

They however called on opinion and community leaders to put in place measures to frequently educate their youth about the dangers of drugs abuse, saying all eyes and fingers have been directed towards people with dread-locked hair, while the youth without dreadlocks quietly abuse various dangerous substance unnoticed.

Indeed, as this reporter tries to find out why the people with the locked hair opt to live “care-free” life and keep unkempt hair despite the public stigma, one of the interviewees said, “…it is the inner feeling that tells you how to behave.

Source: | Moses Apiah | Ghana

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