Upper West Reacts After Maali's Eviction From Tv3 GMB 2020

Upper West Representative, Maali has been Evicted. According to TV3 Ghana,  after winning the coveted Star Performer prize twice in a row, Upper West Region’s Maali got deflated on Sunday, August 30 as she joined Western North Region’s Adjoa as the latest evictees from the 2020 Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show.

This has left Several people in Upper West and Sympathizers of Maali criticizing the Television program and referring to it as bias.

Check Reactions Below:

Bebene Denis

“MAALI, the age long discrimination against us as a people from the north fell on you too last night. Two weeks ago you were star performer, last week you were the most innovative performer of the week. This week you are third on the voting chat with over 11,900 votes and your performance was not bad at all. You were sacrificed for Afriyie. Well, that is ok because this attitude towards us didn’t start today.I think is about time we boycotted this GMB as a region.”

Dery S Wilson

“Man u might be right to some extent but I personally do not agree with u when u said “discrimination against northerns .lf my memory will set me right I think a northern won it last two years.Maali was good at her performances and didn’t deserve to be evicted but one thing un many sympathizers are refusing to understand is that some of these reality shows n other shows where judges are set up to make decisions don’t always favor deserving winners.The main purpose of most of these shows is to generate revenue to even organizers n nt to unearth raw talents.If kwesi Arthur can win best rapper of the year at expense of Eno, strongman and Sarkodie,why should u be surprised if Maali is evicted? They will be saying vote for your favorite contestant, my brother, don’t waste your money time after ur votes the judges always have the final say.

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B-square B-square Born-blessed

“Sure, brother we can’t continue wasting our time and resources on this kind unnecessary things”

Peter Yemeh

“This is too bad and so unfair to #Maali, how can you save #Afriyie and evict #Maali. I know they knew very well that if they don’t take her out she will always win the best/performer for the subsequent weeks and eventually beat their most favoured #Naa and crown the Queen. Racism we have been fighting against over years across the globe, our own country is still in this shit of tribalism/racism Too too too bad.”

Erasung Mydafoods

“Tv3, Maali should be called back…her eviction was unfair please”

Apolo Pm Joseph

I’l hate TV3 with passion!How can you do this to #Maali. Now I understand why, in Ghana here northerners are not appreciated for anything.#NorthernersLiveMatter

Maame Nyarkoa

“I said it that Maali should be careful with these judges the way she is always twisting her tongue to speak by force accent is becoming too much so she shouldn’t be happy they are not saying it, this judges are not to be trusted, they can send her home base on that”


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