She Is A Student And The CEO Of DNA Northern Customized Smocks, Deborah Nma Agansabga

Deborah Nma Agansabga is a student of University of Professional studies, Accra (UPSA).
She was the winner of Classical Female Entrepreneur of The Year, 2020.
She started her business, DNA Northern customised smocks in March 2020. A business which is aimed at providing quality smocks and clothes at affordable prices to its customers and also to promote the Northern culture.
“In working towards the interest of my customers, I make sure I bargain to provide them with the best of prices and also make sure I get their orders delivered to them in their right and respective prescription.” __DNA
There is currently no specific location associated with DNA Northern Customized Smocks; it operates as an online business.
The meaningful part of DNA Northern Customized Smocks is when it gets things done for its customers.
Slogan: DNA Northern Customized Smocks ….what you wear defines you, DNA will get it done for you.
Connect with DNA on social media with their handles below:
Email address
WhatsApp-0243636754 Fb- Agansabga Deborah

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