Sensational G Bwoy Drop First Single Dubbed Boli Gap City

Xpress Gh Online revealed that its newest signee G Bwoy, has released a latest banger to spice up his entry into the music industry.

G Bwoy is a new artiste who was introduced and outdoored under the management of Xpress Gh Online in the first quarter of 2023. Along with the introduction the new kid G Bwoy, the label decided to spice it with a new single titled “ Boli Gap City”.

“Boli Gap City” is a Camp cheering song, released on Wednesday, July 5, 2023 and would become the people’s anthem in a matter of days. The catchy hooks and sweet melodies G Bwoy served on this record is an easy pass for the public to accept him with his ‘fine boy’ looks complementing it all.

About G Bwoy:

G Bwoy is a rising Rapper, a singer and can jump into any contemporary beats and it will be a hit.

Born Ibrahim Abdul Gafuru on the May 29, 2005, G Bwoy draws his inspiration from some of the great Ghanaian artistes such as Best Gally, Rekordz, Wiz Maleek, and Sambwoy just to name a few. 

G Bwoy is blessed with skills to create fresh genre that speaks to both old and new fans alike. His energetic and charismatic stage presence combined with his smooth vocals and powerful lyrics is one to watch and sure to earn him a dedicated following.

G Bwoy, signed to xpress Gh Online makes his musical debut in January 2023 with the release of his first single “Boli Gap City”, which speaks about dedication and loyalty in love.

With his passion for Ghanaian and African music, G Bwoy is poised to become one of the leading voices in the rap community and a global ambassador for Ghanaian/African culture and music.

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For more information about G Bwoy call or whatsApp 0208291107


Listen on Audiomack:

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