NPP Patron donates pick-up to Bolga East NPP

At long last the New Patriotic Party branch in the Bolgatanga East Constituency has an official vehicle.

The pick-up with public address system was donated by a native of Zuarungu and patron of the New Patriotic Party, Malik Afeghera who has promised to do more if members of the party in the constituency will unite to build a stronger NPP in the Bolgatanga East Constituency.

Since 2012 the party in the constituency has been without an official vehicle to run its activities.

The New Patriotic Party in the Bolgatanga East Constituency cannot boast of being a united and this is the reason Mr. Afeghera called on the Upper East Regional Executives of the party to intervene to help the party in the constituency to unite, so as to be formidable for the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

The NPP will be holding its constituency primaries across the country in September 2019 and if the cracks that are splitting the members of the party in the Bolgatanga East apart are not mended, it is expected that these cracks will widen and definitely weaken the party and rendered it weak before the National Democratic Congress, which is very likely to present the current Member of Parliament, Dominic Ayine.

Some NPP members in the constituency have not been able to overcome their disappointments and anger after the Constituency elections which saw the re-election of the Constituency Chairman, David Amoah. There are others who also are still not happy that their preferred candidates were not selected for the position of the District Chief Executive.

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Mr. Afeghera pleaded with the constituency and polling station executives and all members to ensure that, the September 28 constituency primaries does not does not bring about another avenue for people to feel bad about the party.

“We cannot go into the forthcoming constituency primaries as a divided group, let alone the Parliamentary and Presidential elections. These issues that some of you are still holding on to, should have been discarded long time ago. For every election, some people will lose and others will win and people should not keep their pain and punish’ the party.” Mr. Afeghera pleaded.

The Upper East Regional Chairman of the NPP, Anthony Namoo who was at the handing over ceremony assured: “… the executive will intervene to settle this issue, but members will have to soften their positions.”

He expects that the reconciliation will be smooth and faster so as to prepare for election 2020.

After the handing over of the pick-up was done, there was a reconciliation party and awards to polling station executives.

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