NDC in Bawku accuse the Special Prosecutor of being bias over Ayariga case

The Bawku Central Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has asked the office of the Special Prosecutor to be fair and justice and stop using the office to persuade his personal interest as well as partisan political pressures by going harmless citizens of this country.

In the statement, they reminded Mr Martina Amidu that it was not Mahama Ayariga who instigated the rejection of his parliamentary ambition by the elders and opinion leaders of the NDC in Bawku but the populace, hence he should consider Builsa North seat instead of Bawku Central Constituency.

Speaking to A1 News, the NDC Deputy Youth Organizer of Bawku central constituency, Rauf Tangnaba, explained that the actions by the Special Prosecutor in handling Mahama Ayariga case could be linked to his old political ambition in the Constituency.

“Mr. Martin Amidu in his attempt to get the constituents of Bawku Central, is pursuing yet another personal vendetta in a case of the purchase of an ambulance worth Ghs100,000 by the Bawku Municipal Assembly with funding from the MPs Common Fund to support efforts at promoting Health Services delivery in Bawku.” He said.

He further stressed that the Special Prosecutor has been snoring over cases that are of national interest and resentment of his paymasters.

“There has been several cases of alleged grand corrupt practices which have been reported to the Office of the Special Prosecutor such as; the BOST saga, 2.52m Euro-bond saga , The Kwesi Nyantakyi Bribery Scandal, The Galamsey Corruption Saga involving a presidential staffer, Mr Charles Bisaw and the Hon Rockson Bukari bribery leaked tape saga etc, why only our MP, Ayariga?

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This is because he is doing everything he could to please his paymasters and defend his fat unearned salary hence using the media pushed a list into the public space and rushes to file a case against his perceived long standing opponent Hon Mahama Ayariga on allegations of tax evasion etc as though he is the GRA or Customs. This is very unfortunate and a waste of the nation’s precious time.” He said.

Meanwhile the Bawku Youth Wing of the NDC said they believed in Probity and Accountability but certainly detest vendetta and selective justice as exemplified by the recent actions of Mr Martin Amidu.

They, however, find it inconceivable that Mr Martin Amidu would want to pursue an agenda to tarnish the reputation of Mahama Ayariga over an age old personal feud against the people of Bawku for choosing the latter over him as a suitable parliamentary candidate for Bawku Central a decade ago.

“We are throwing our weight behind our MP, Hon Mahama Ayariga as we seek to assure the good people of Bawku both home and abroad who have been worried about the pursuit of vendetta by no less a person as Mr Martin Alamisi Amidu who himself has been well brought up in Bawku. It is our considered opinion that the courts of Ghana would stand firmly by the side of the truth in re-stating in no ambiguous terms the innocence of Hon Mahama Ayariga.” They explained.

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NANA BONSU May 31, 2019 at 11:05 am

The Ayariga case was established long before the ones by NPP folks. Let’s see as they go down the list, they would skip the other criminals. At that point, you would have a case. It is needless to constantly view issues with partisan lenses.


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