Maize traders closing down their shops over price reduction

Traders of maize and it related products in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region have confirmed that prices of maize have reduced drastically due to bumper harvest of maize last year, hence ousting them out of business.

According to them, last year, a bag of maize was valued between GHc200.00 and GHc250.00 due to scarcity and was good for them, but this year a bag is valued between GHc125.50 to Ghc130.00 which is causing them to close their shops.

Speaking to A1 Radio, Nmaah Atangamah, a trader said the fall in price of maize has brought about a proportionate fall in the number of people selling the crop.

A section of the maize traders

“Yes, now we are out of business because there is no value for maize. A lot of customers now have abundant of maize in their various homes and will not buy any from us.” She said.

She added that if the reduction of price continues, they(maize traders) will have to advise themselves, because they can not continue to make losses each market day.

Atiah Adeeza, another trader said she has already advised herself and will move to a different food item if not, it will get to a time that she can no longer pay her loans.

“I still come to the market because I have 20 bags of maize to sell. But for this reason, I would have closed my shop and gone home.” She explained.

Meanwhile, consumers of maize and its related produce despite cheering to the reduced prices, insist that the prices are still high and can not wait to hear that a bag of maize is valued at GHc80.00.

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Ayine John, a husband of three wives, said last year it was hard for him to feed his family, but now he can buy five to seven bags of maize.

“My brother, last year, I was not able to buy even two bags of maize neither talking of buying five bags. Yes, I’m happy to see prices of maize being reduced to this figure, but I still can not wait to see much reduction of it.” He said.

It was not only Ayine John who expressed such feelings but other consumers of maize.

Azure Abantanga, also expressed similar sentiments but with much appreciation to the NPP’s flagship programme “Planting for Food and Job Programme”.

“The initiative has really brought relief to farmers as well as people who could not have afforded to feed their families.” He added.

The traders, however are agitating that government should find other alternatives that will help to increase the value of maize because many of them are at a point of closing their shops.

Source: | Moses Apiah | Ghana


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