History places a profound responsibility on the Members of the SRC General Assembly to ‘protect this Constitution and promote the democratic governance of the Student front”. The separation of powers of the three composition of the SRC is a critical constitutional principle in protecting the interest of the ordinary student.
We will like to bring to the attention of the members of the SRC General Assembly of the constitutional violation and the disregard of the SRC General Assembly by the current SRC President and his Executives members. It is regrettable to know how the current SRC administration has disregarded its own constitution with impunity.
Findings over the past weeks clearly reveal that the President of the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the Koforidua Technical University, KING-DAVID SOLOMON KAMASA and some of his Council members have disregarded the interest of the student front and the SRC constitution of which they derive their powers from. In legal principle, every leader has a FIDUCIARY RELATIONSHIP with the people he is to serve and then all his service should be in their interest and not against their interest.
Note that, it was captured in the SRC RESTORATION BUDGET that an amount of GHC 50,000.00 will be used for a three faced Light-Emitting Diode (LED) based video Screen, this project of which members of the SRC General Assembly suggested that the amount quoted for the was too much and therefore, the SRC should seek for sponsorship to support the project and further reduce the proposed amount allocated for the project in order to save the SRC some cost. This was the position of the General Assembly. To our surprise, the digital led screen project has been bloated up to GHC 36,400.00 making the project hit a total amount of GHC 86,400.00.
In view of this, we can say without any fear of contradiction that the SRC President and some executive members have violated CHAPTER FOUR, ARTICLE 8 (2) IV of the SRC constitution which states that all spending beyond approved budget must be taken to the General Assembly for approval and any officer who is found guilty will be given the necessary punishment due. This is a clear demonstration of constitutional lawlessness and disregard of the SRC General Assembly. The SRC President knows very well that the General Assembly is the highest decision making body. Hence, if there has been such a major change of an amount then it has to come back to the General Assembly for approval. Why should the SRC president use funds which has not been approved for him.
Again, the SRC President has breach SCHEDULE 2(A) and SCHEDULE  2(C) of the SRC constitution which the Presidential Oath and the Oath of Allegiance. The President failed to protect and preserve the constitution with impunity. This is not healthy for democracy and someone must be punished for this.
The SRC President knows perfectly well that the GENERAL ASSEMBLY is the only body that has the right to call for his IMPEACHMENT according to the SRC constitution and so together with some his executive members have started lobbying some accredited members of the General Assembly so that the issue will be ruled in his favor.  We are calling all General Assembly members to embrace a new era of dignity, integrity and respect.
The SRC Chief Justice also failed to carry out his constitutional mandate. This is because CHAPTER 4, ARTICLE 9 (B) III of the constitution states that, the Chief Justice shall advise the President and the Council on all legal and constitutional matters. The Chief Justice must bow his head in shame and resign as an honorable man.
We are therefore calling for the immediate removal of the SRC president and all those executives involved in violating some provision in the SRC constitution. We don’t want to be ruled by some lawless SRC executives. Henceforth, we don’t regard him as our SRC president. He has no respect and fear for the law. The President has been UNCONSTITUTIONAL and so he and the council members who are involve in this act will have to sit aside for LAW and JUSTICE to take over. The SRC president is not above the law.
The General Assembly must not fail the students on whose mandate they are serving. The General Assembly directly represents the students and must represents the interest of the students
Indeed, General Assembly must embrace “a new era of dignity and respect”. For such a thing to happen, the General Assembly must live up to the true meaning of its name- a decision making body, not a decision smuggling body.

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