"Don't fear negative prophecies; rather draw closer to God" Pastor Kyei Boateng

Head Pastor of the Pentecost International Worship Center in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boateng has advised Christians and Ghanaians in general not to be terrified over negative prophecies that some Pastors and Prophets will be throwing out as the year 2019 begins.

According to Pastor Boateng the annual declarations and announcement of prophecies, mostly, negative ones are becoming a trend in Ghana and advised Christians to rather be prayerful and be hopeful that, God is able to see them through all storms of life.

“Instead of getting scared and worried, and running after these Pastors and Prophets over the negative prophecies, rather look up to God almighty and believe in his saving and protecting power. God has seen us through 2018 and as we enter 2019, if only we will acknowledge him in all our ways, he will be the saving rock behind us and before us.” He said.

Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boateng was delivering his end of year season on Sunday December 30, 2018 under theme, “THUS FAR THE LORD HAS BROUGHT US”. The service also coincided with the Thank-Giving Service by Bolgatanga based Radio station, A1 Radio, which has been at the forefront on changing the mindset of residents to keep the Bolgatanga Municipality clean and cultivate the mindset that development is a shared responsibility.

In his view, some Pastors and Prophets are putting fear in their Church members, which he thinks does not help Christians to grow in faith, but put them in bondage under these Pastors and Prophets.

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“Today fear is sold in the Church; some Pastors are putting fear in their members so as to get them stuck under their feet. Christians are to worship and praise God in freedom and it is not fair to put fear in your members, because you want them to listen to you and follow your directives. If not, why do they always come out with negative and frightening prophecies; prophecies of dead, accident, sickness and problems.
We also receive prophecies, but we apply wisdom in announcing it or handling it. That is what is expected; when you receive a prophesy apply wisdom.” Pastor Boateng advised.

As Ghanaians enter a new year, Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boateng advised Christians to live exemplary lives to glorify God in their communities.

He prayed for staff and management of A1 Radio and praised the Radio Station for acknowledging the role of God in their growth of the Radio Station.

Pastor Boateng urged the station to continue working towards a change of negative mindsets to positive mindset. Ghana



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