Da Hammer releases 'Repercussions'

Legendary music producer, Da’ Hammer goes back to his root to convey this classic treat titled ‘Repercussions’ for our listening pleasures which is giving me goose bumps as did all the songs on the ‘Execution Diaries’ album back in the day. (Oh mehn I think I am getting too old)
Repercussions, the 2nd single off his upcoming “The Last Of A Dying Breed“ album addresses the contemporary ideological dimorphism between M.anifest and Sarkodie and also advocates the resurrection of Hip Life music.
On the song, Kwaw Kese returns to his original “boot-camp” technique with perfectly controlled timing delivery. It’s been a month of Sundays since I heard Bra Kwaw delivered with such an unapologetic vehemence.
The tune also features tiny note representations from Reggie Rockstone, the Hip Life grandpa putting due respect on Hammer’s name and Hammer’s daughter, Nana Yaa enthusing his father.
As for Worlasi, he is something else. He blurts disappointment poignantly over MDot and Sark’s beef but in a way that shows neutral stance which won’t brand him as an enemy to neither camp.
Once again, Hammer brings aboard his legendary hard bottoming drums and one-in-the-industry base which makes you nod incessantly and putting the tune on perpetual repeat.
I don’t give a damn if I am biased but Da’ Hammer doesn’t make music, he makes history.
And Once again the living legend has reiterated his assertion that he is indeed ‘The Last of a Dying Breed’
Click HERE to download the tune.

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