Chief of Gambaga Lauds Hero Film Project.

The chief of Gambaga, Gambaran Yahaya wuni has showed his support and warm approval for the Hero Film Project which is to create awareness about Mental Health and the plight of Witch camps in Ghana.
In an official conversation between the chief and the production team of the Hero Film Project, the chief though very excited about the initiative, also shared some of the numerous challenges facing the victims of the infamous Gambaga Witch Camp in Ghana.
The Gambaga Witch camp which is a segregated community within Gambaga township in the Northern Region of Ghana, accommodate alleged witches and wizards who are banished from their communities. Over the years several attempts have been made by individuals and organizations to shut down the camp but all no avail.
The Hero Film, is however going to tell the story of Gambaga through the silver screens to the rest of the world.
According to the chief, the camp harbours victims who have been accused as witches and wizards in their communities. Those who are mostly targeted are widows and the mentally challenged. The place therefore becomes a haven for them since staying with their families will be nothing but a death penalty. According to the chief the camp which has about 50 round huts and holding over 300 women and children has no health services or indoor plumbing available. Food to feed the inmates has also become a burden on him the chief, whereas the building of the camp itself is in a deplorable condition.
Gambaran Yahaya wuni was grateful to the team, and gave his full support to the Hero Film Project and hoped that through this initiative, the Gambaga town will see a great impact on the witch camp.
The Hero Film by Chrisloe and Messiah Entertainment also touches on Mental health, issues of street children and girl child education and has the support of Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mental Health Authority Ghana, Ministry of Tourism Culture and Creative Arts , Millennium Child Support Group, Global Voluntary Organization and other reputable stake holders yet to be confirmed .
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