In order to create the conditions for long-term economic health, Ghana as a state as well as its corporate institutions needed to identify the real structural problems that created the imbalances in the economy and find solutions that are likely pushed the economy into a new phase of stability, Dr. Bernard Lawer Tetteh-Dumanya, the Group Chief Executive officer of Stepwise Group Limited has said.
Speaking at Stepwise Group Limited Inter-Political Parties Economic Forum attended by major political parties in the country in Accra, he said in order to find solutions to imbalances in the economy requires thinking outside the box.
The Group Chief Executive Officer of Stepwise Group Limited advocated for the country to look at the concept of securitization that creates a financial instrument by combining other financial assets and marketing different tiers of repackaged instruments to investors.
This, he said has been proven in many quarters as useful and lowering the associated general debt obligations saying Ghanaians must be able to look for other means apart from taxes to fund the country’s economic development.
Efficient central bank management according to Dr. Bernard Lawer Tetteh-Dumanya would help in predicting what he described as the route of the economy adding that other stakeholders are also required to support the initiative to create stability for Ghana’s currency.
The future of Ghana, he said can only be well managed if there is more and sustainable dialogue, collaboration and continuity in the development of the country’s economy.
The Group Chief Executive Officer of Stepwise Group Limited was not happy that with four months to the elections, political parties have no yet made their manifestos available to voters. The availability of manifestos, he said is crucial as it would afford the voters the opportunity to peruse how parties would address macroeconomic variables like the level of output, inflation, unemployment and foreign exchange volatilities.
The forum was on the theme: “Ghana’s Economic Independence From 2017 and Beyond; Political Parties Perspective.”

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