CCT-GH Must Be Dissolved, Coalition of Concerned Teachers EXPOSED!

I had been a member of CCT for almost three years, before exiting to join another union. The experience i had whilst in CCT, the comparison i made whilst out of CCT, in contrast with the other teacher unions, supported by an evidence-based report i have intercepted, form the basis of my argument.
To be sincere, I wasn’t surprised at all when CCT disappointed its entire members during the struggle for payment of teachers’ salary Arrears and others. Because Mr Ernest Opoku who till after he was out of the scenes, and known to be very resolute and commited to addressing problems confronting member teachers was no more holding the CCT’s remote control.
In order to satisfy my curiosity and suspicions, spies were setted up to probe further into the matter. Undeniably, it is no news that CCT since its inception had been the last and only hope for teachers, championed by Mr Ernest Opoku. Therefore, finding answers to his sudden disappearance was a key deciding factor here.
Taking cue from why Anas covers his face, ‘i track’ team which evolved as a result of recommendations by Anas Aremeyaw Anas  urging people to create more Anas in the system, can assert that the system is so dangerous and porous that, when you are a “man-stopper” or when you are not easily permissible, an automated machinery to execute you will be triggered.
It was therefore not coincidental  when the report from the investigations conducted by i-track revealed that: it was an enemy-within-ochestrated-coup d’état to overthrow Mr. Opoku in pursuit for power, fueled by a third party that led to the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Ernest Opoku (First prez of CCT) and his General Secretary to pave way for CCT’s manipulations by the third party.
Even though, i left CCT to join another union after the investigations, but my inquisitiveness to learn more about why Mr Opoku and CCT have kept mute about the whole show gave me sleepless nights. Initially, i suspected Mr Opoku might be mute because he wants to save CCT from being mocked by “…GNAT and NAGRAT by whose failure and incompetence resulted in the formation of CCT” [Chronicles 12/12/2011].
But as it stands now, ‘i-track’ could only guarantee 85.3% innnocency of the rumored-charges of financial malfeasance levelled against Mr Opoku et al. But to some extend, i am by this write-up challenging CCT current executives and their NEC to commence legal proceedings against the two CCT ex National Officers for court of competent jurisdiction to prove the report wrong, if they think what i am saying is false.
Moreover, I would like to support my allegations with some submissions made by Mr. King Ali Awudu(Ag. Prez Of CCT) On sunday 8/05/2016 on one Whatsapp platform known as GYABAAH POLITICAL TALK SHOW. he said, “CCT leadership rejected 500 million cedis (ghc50,000) each and a Pick-Up in 2011 and 2013 respectively at a time CCT were even struggling without dues from anybody. Let’s note that Mr. Opoku was the president of CCT in 2011 and 2013.
As I’m talking to you, i have a hard core evidence which clearly shows that Mr. Kingsley the Ashanti Regional Chair of CCT connived with Mr. King Ali Awudu to inflate the cost of printing CCT T-shirts and Calendars. Instead of printing one T-shirt for Ghc12, they inflated it to Ghc13, thereby siphoning a whooping sum of Ghc20,000 on just the printing of 20,000 T-shirts and Ghc10,000 on the calendars into their fat bellies. When Mr. Norbert Gborbgotsie, the current communications Director of CCT on another Whatsapp platform known as “13 Victims of 3m Arrears, was questioned about the issue, he said, Mr. Kingsley will be sanctioned soon which confirmed another statements he made on another Whatsapp platform when he said, “I am making it clear that the officers suspended misappropriated money in 2013, 2014 and 2015. I am responsible in 2016”. The confirmations drawn from his answers was the conclusion to i-track’s final report. To my uttermost shock, Norbert has been a National executive member of CCT since 2011 and hence ‘i-track’ can inequivocally state that his hands are not clean if he points accusing fingers.
To worsen the case, Norbert Gborbgotsie went ahead with allegations on ’13 victims of 3m Arrears’ whatsapp platform” that BNI is chasing the leadership of Innovative teachers, which upon double checks proved that Norbert was rather using his prowress in communication to woo innocent teachers to CCT as well as to satisfying his ego.
This is just a tip of the iceberg…
The next episode talks about a serious offence which could end Mr King Ali Awudu and his cohorts in jail.
©Owusu Baffoe Daniel
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Comment:when will the newly teachers posting list be out in the various Districts education offices because i am one them so that i can planned towards my preparations to meet my school of posting early September when school reopened


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