Calm returns to Bongo Senior High School, students called back to school

Calm has returned to the Bongo Senior High School in Bongo District of the Upper East Region after students rioted and were sent home and school shut down temporally. Students have returned, been made to sign bonds to be of good behavior.

The reasons for the closer of the school was not communicated to the media, but it can be said to be a measure to prevent the students from destroying school properties and putting the lives of other students in danger.

The reason for their agitation was a misunderstanding over the use of a female dormitory. They said some masters on duty during the week tasked the second year female students in that dormitory to lockup some third year female students who were inside the dormitory, contrary to directives that no student should stay in the dormitory during class hours.

Narration the incident to A1 News, a female student name withheld said the situation would have been resolved without the misunderstanding that ensued, but the posture of some masters on that day escalated it.

“This is because for some time now those masters have been giving the second year students opportunity to do anything they want to us(third year students) resulting in the misunderstanding after they had  locked  us up in the dormitory. Indirectly they were denying us breakfast and lunch.

For us to see justices being served, we also decided to lock the second year students to stay outside the dormitory after classes for them to see how painful it was. This indeed did not go well with some of the students who started throwing stones into the dormitory.

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When the masters heard that, they quickly call the Police who also asked all students to come out and ordered that no student should enter the dormitory till the masters agree that we should enter. We stood outside still 11:00pm, and then the male students decided that justice needs to be served. They gave the Police two options to either allow us to enter the dormitory or began to pack their items and leave the school, but the Police did not listen to the male students. Within 30minutes we heard voices from behind ‘fallback’ and all of a sudden, the students started throwing stones at the Police. This made the Police to run and later came back with some military men.” A female student narrated.

Efforts to get the school authority to for an official position on what led to the misunderstanding and the temporal closure of the school was not successful.

Source: | Moses Apiah | Ghana



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