"Alcohol and Bush burning are our new "Slave Raiders" terrorising us" – Sandem-Nab Azagsuk Azantilow

Paramount Chief of the Builsa Traditional Area in the Upper East Region, Sandem-Nab Azagsuk Azantilow has suggested to government, to adopt the use of Satellite Technology to detect and identify bush fire culprits and punish them severely to deter others from burning the bush.
Sandem-Nab Azantilow mentioned bush burning among the new slave raiders terrorizing the Traditional Area in recent times, and government needs to intervene before the situation gets out of hand.
“… as we are aware Feok is celebrated every year to mark the defeat of the notorious slave raiders by our forefathers and also to thank the Almighty God for the protection and bountiful harvest for the year.
The notorious slave raiders have long gone and have now been replaced by new raiders, Alcoholism and Bush burning. I wish to urge the District Assemblies in the traditional Area to impose heavy fees on alcohol, especially Akpeteshie in order to curb its excessive consumption.
For bush burning, I will also like to make a passionate appeal to the government to adopt and use satellite technology to detect and punish culprits of bush fires to help curb the situation.” The paramount Chief appealed.
According to the Paramount Chief, alcoholism is destroying many of the youth in the Traditional Area and urged the Builsa District Assembly (now a Municipal Assembly) to impose heavy levies on Alcoholic Beverages brought to the area, especially Akpeteshie to make them expensive and discourage the youth from excessive consumption.
This year’s Feok Festival was under the theme, “Leveraging our Culture and Human Resource for Development”.
The Paramount Chief fears that, if the rate at which the youth are consuming Akpeteshie in the Traditional Area, is not curbed, the Human Resource the Traditional Area is seeking to develop may not be achieved now or even in the future.
This year, the Feok Festival was attended by the President, Nana Akufo Addo and per the history, as narrated by the Paramount Chief, Nana Akufo Addo happens to be the first sitting President to attend and celebrate the Feok Festival with the people in the past 20 years and over.
The President announced the elevation of the Builsa North district to a Municipality following the signing of the Executive Order on December 19, 2018.
Dignitaries that accompanied the President included Upper East Regional Minister, Paulina Abayage, Minister of Local Government, Hajia Alima Mahama, the Builsa North DCE, Daniel Kwame Gariba, Builsa South DCE, Hon. Afoko and the Minister of Aviation and MP for Navrongo Central, Joseph Kofi Adda.
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