Student leadership is trending and so is it’s terminology. With a whole new dictionary of its own, Student leadership is taking over with new margins and buzzwords.
Leadership has gotten various shades with different actors/characters playing their part( as it were). Same at every level is important to the overall success of the society.
It is on the score of the above that the good students of Coltek elect new leaders at the end of every academic year.
Elections on campus across our tertiary institutions have similar characteristics as whispered by most students.
To some, aspirants become motivational speakers only when elections are closer, however many students still hold the view that some aspirants become friendly in the spur of the moments just to catch the eye of potential voters this is no different from UEW(K).
Well, it is hypocritical for a person to change his character because of power. Come to think of it, when he gets it won’t he becomes the same old person?. Many students intimated that they have regretted voting for Mr. A or B such is the story everywhere.
Every year, Students regret voting for someone so I asked why don’t students change the parameters for which voting is premised ?.
The story is not different from UEW(K) as it is in Legon. Afterall people must make juicy campaign promises in order to win elections.
It will suffice you to know that, every aspirant will campaign on pertinent students’ problems citing the problem without a challenge to solving it.
Late release of results, poor security, insufficient leisure benches etc are but few of the problems we got as students of Coltek. Every one of the aspirants will campaign along those lines but without clear cut way of getting things done.
But the good students of Coltek will want to know our historical problems, why they couldn’t be solved and how they can be solved. Anything less of these, we shall not accpet.
In the embryonic stage, every country succeeds or grinds down based on leadership failure but there is no small leadership anywhere. Every of the levels or jurisdiction of leadership is a serious business.
More to the point, history is replete with examples of students leaders who become national leaders. It presupposes that, the effectiveness, quality of our students’ Leadership and it’s attendant successes will determine the slope of progress of our nation.
The uniqueness of jurisdictional leadership makes it align to the terms and principles of effectual achievement.
*Towards a new narrative*
Change is shouted at every corner of our campuses, it always has been, for many decades, even centuries. Now it dominates the political agenda once again. The debate is even driven by a deep worry that students do not get value for their votes. However the old engines of dissapointment, juicy promises without any course of action are now stuttering. At the same time, the foundations of entrenched inclinations to specific-factor-voting are being destroyed because students need clear ways of solving their problems.
Students all over are fed up and they say talkers, rich men without a course of action, the old without firm convictions, the young man without knowledge, experience and the necessary tools etc have no place again in the arena of problem solving.
It is a new dawn for our campus and new beginning on a transformational package. It is a new sight and a new conviction.
*No two leaders are the same but none of them should lead us backwards*
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