Coming up tonight on kumkum bhagya (Episodes 172/173)

The episode starts with Abhi frightening Suresh by telling if he does not agree to marry Pragya, Pragya’s MMS will be leaked and people will insult her. He says even his reputation will be ruined as he is a teacher and his students will bully him that he is a cheater and not teacher. Suresh reminisces Bulbul telling that he is the reason for Pragya’s troubles and says Abhi that he is ready to marry Pragya. He says respects Pragya and cannot see her insults, says he was unfit for Pragya and it is good he divorced her, even he is unfit for her, but will marry her to save her from people’s insult. Abhi says he did not listen to his lecture and asks him to get ready for the marriage video.
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Tanu thanks Pragya for lending her way to marry Abhi. Pragya says if Abhi will know her cruel side, he will hate her. She says he will not believe it and drops Abhi watch on floor while playing with it. Pragya holds it and says when she cannot take care of his things, how will she take care of his house. Tanu says she will take care of his heart and house will be taken care by servants. She asks if she is in love with Abhi and says it does not matter to her now as she is marrying with him anyways. She asks Pragya what gift she needs in her marriage. Pragya says she can bring red rose bouquet and its thorns will remind her how she feels when she sees her with her husband. Tanu gets irked hearing that.
Abhi comes to Sarla’s house. Sarla asks where is her daughter. Daadi says she ruined her daughter’s life and wants her daughter back now. Abhi says he did not came to listen their taunts and has come to invite for a marriage at his house. They are surprised and Sarla asks whose marriage. He says Pragya’s. Sarla asks with whom. He says with Suresh. She slaps him and asks who is he to take this decision when she is still alive and says if her daadi was awake, she would have felt ashamed of him. She says Pragya will not agree for it anyways. He says she has agreed. She is shocked to hear that.
Abhi says even after being so good to them and thinking good of their daughter, they are blaming him and says whatever they think, he will get Pragya married and fulfill his responsibility towards her.
Mitali goes to jail and says Raj that she will get him out soon. He says he does not want to come out and for whom he should come. She says she and his kids care about him a lot and wants him back. He says whole world is full of lies and without proof, she cannot get him out, he is waiting for court’s order and once it comes, he will be in jail forever, so she should stop thinking of bailing him out and should not come back there again. She says she will do something.
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Abhi comes home whistling happily. Aaliya asks what is the reason. He says he is waiting for Pragya and Suresh’s marriage and once it happens, he will be free. Tanu says they can marry after that. He sees Pragya carrying water and asks Aaliya why did she allow would be bride to work. Pragya asks her to stop joking and let her go. He takes tray from her and gives it to servant. He says his puppets Tau and Aaliya that they should get Pragya’s mehandi and makeup done. Aaliya says they can get her manicure also. Tanu asks what about the black mark of infidelity on her forehead. Aaliya says that will fade away as she is marry Suresh. Pragya asks them to stop their taunts. Abhi says she should be happy now that Suresh has agreed to marry her. She is shocked to hear that.
Abhi says Pragya that Suresh got happy hearing about marriage proposal and is eager to marry her, he may bring baarat today itself and must be busy selecting matching specs frames with his sherwani. She says it cannot happen. He says this has happened and he has even invited her family, he will book their honeymoon package also.
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The episode starts with Sarla panicking thinking how can Pragya agree to remarry and how can Suresh agree to marry her. She says Suresh was always behind her and was waiting for Pragya’s divorce to marry her. She says she will go and ask him why he did it. Bulbul stops her and says if Pragya has divorced Abhi and has agreed to marry Suresh, something must be going in her mind, they have to meet her and find out. Sarla leaves. Purab comes there and asks Bulbul why did she call him. She says Abhi is getting Pragya married to Suresh. He is shocked to hear that. She says we should stop it. He stands silently
Pragya thinks of asking Suresh why did he agree for marriage and reaches his house. She asks why did he do this. He tells him the reason and says Abhi is arrogant and thinks himself as very intelligent, but he is not. He says we both may deny marrying, but Abhi will leak MMS and will get out of the scandal with his money power, but she will be trapped in it.
Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and says it has been many days since Raj is in jail and as she promised, when will she bail him out. She says she cannot get money from her dad as he is also in debt. Aaliya says she really wants to help her, but wants to wait until Pragya is married and gets out of this house, she will bring Raj then.
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Pragya reaches Abhi’s room back and sadly looks around. Abhi comes there and starts his usual brainless taunts. He says today is her last night in his room and he wants her to enjoy the most. He says he wants to make her comfortable and will get her all the necessities needed. He makes her wear bridal veil and says she is looking very beautiful. He also gets into dupatta.. Serial’s title song…plays in the background. She gets emotional. He comes out of veil and walks out.
Abhi decorates house with flowers and takes Tanu’s help. Tanu acts as falling and he holds her. She sees Pragya coming there and while decorating rose gets hurt with thorn and remembers Pragya’s words about thorn in her life. She thinks of making Pragya jealous by falling on Abhi and falls, but Abhi walks out from there and she falls on ground. Servant Robin helps her get up. Daasi sees that and taunts her that she knows she loves Robin, but should not romance in open. Tanu gets irked.
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Rachna asks Suresh why did he agree to marry Pragya. He says even he does not want, but promised Abhi to get out of the shame that MMS will bring. Sarla comes to his home. Pragya on the other side says Abhi that she does not want to marry. He says she has to marry at any cost.

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